Tuesday, 25 September 2012

New online shop

I'm now on my second week of working full time for myself and it all seems to be going well. I've got orders coming in, I'm loving being in my new work space and I'm ticking a few things off my long list of 'must dos'. One of the things on that list was to build a transactional shop on my own website. And here it is. I've only added my notecards so far but will be adding more soon.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My new work space

Up until the end of last week my work space was in one half of the children's playroom. I started with a little desk in the corner and over the years I've taken more and more of their room. Now that I've decided to run gooseberrymoon full time I thought it only right to now have a room all to myself and not get distracted by the clutter of toys behind me. I thought Fin and Ruby would like to have their room back too!

The first job was to move this mess from the back of the house to...

...this room at the front of the house. We (I mean Tony) had to dismantle my desk and shelving unit to get it through the hallway...

 ... and then reassemble it in my new light and bright space. I've spent days painting, with help from my Dad (thanks Dad), to get it ready. I love my green wall; it's painted in Fresh Stem by Dulux and the rest of the room is Cornflower White, well it will be when I finish the other two walls!

 We had a trip to Ikea yesterday and found this bench which fits under my window perfectly.

This going to be my production table for cutting and packing which will hopefully keep my desk clear from mess.
 The drawers keep all my packs of notecards in, and I can now see at a glance if I'm running low on stock.

There's still a few bits to do like put up my notice boards and some pictures but all in all I'm very happy in my new space. Just need to try and keep it tidy.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Summer holiday and a big decision!

It's the first full day in over six weeks that I haven't had the children at home or been working in my day job. I miss Fin and Ruby when they're not here but I was so ready for them to go back to school; think they were ready too! We had a great summer holiday with a weeks stay in New Quay, South Wales - such a pretty place to be.

I made a huge decision over the holidays to hand in my notice at my day job and I've only got one week left until I'm able to run gooseberrymoon full time! I'm really sad to be leaving - I'm gonna miss everyone I work with, but it feels like the right thing to do. The last few months I've been working my socks off to keep up with orders. I've not sat down in front of the telly before 10 or 11 at night for quite a while, and I can't remember the last time I watched a soap opera! And all those jobs I should have done but just don't get round to, like my accounts, are starting to pile up. I've got loads of plans and ideas and can't wait to get stuck in.