Monday, 28 March 2011

Back from my holidays

I'm now fully back into the swing of things after my lovely break at Center Parcs' Sherwood Village. It was great to spend time without electronic devices, except for my phone and camera of course!, and have time to think and makes plans. One of the big decisions I made was to finally give in and join, I've now got access to build my shop but have no idea when I will find any time to actually get it done.

I did use my phone to catch up with some of my favourite blogs which gave me inspiration to come up with new ideas for this blog. My plan is to do more frequent postings which will include the regular inspirational colour palettes, 'All things paper' - which showcases other paper artists work, a new feature which will focus on one of my favourite things, 'packaging' and of course all gooseberrymoon news and new designs.

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