Friday, 8 October 2010


Atelier contemporary craft gallery is the first bricks and mortar shop to stock gooseberrymoon products. I've been asked by a few galleries and shops in the past and have always said no, partly because I never thought I was ready to start supplying my stationery in large(ish) quantities, and also I didn't think it would be worth my while as the commission is always so high. However, Atelier was a little different, firstly because Tracey, the owner, wouldn't take no for an answer, and secondly she was one of my first ever customers to buy from my Folksy shop and I really wanted to give some support back.

Tracey worked so hard to transform an empty shell into an amazing gallery space in a short space of time, you can check out her blog to see images of the before and after. The gallery opened its doors to the public mid July this year and I am so pleased at how well my stationery is selling. I'm now working on the 3rd order for the gallery and have lots of lovely notebooks and notecards to finish and pack ready to be sent down to Barnstaple.

I'd love to go and visit the gallery, but Devon is way too far from North Wales to be able to just pop by! Maybe I'll have to schedule in a holiday to lovely North Devon. You can find out more about Atelier by visiting the website.

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  1. Thanks for following me on Twitter - I think your work is beautiful. A lovely story above - well done.:) Gabs