Monday, 19 October 2009

Colours of Folksy - shades of grey

A showcase of beautiful items in shades of grey, by very talented designers on Folksy.

artquirk Snowdrops And Daisies
Blue Fish Handmade WildCat Designs
PennyDog Jewellery kerli: little animals, handicrafts and recycling
Magic Alice Monstermagic

Little Red Riding Hood Reaches Grandma's House
£10.00 artquirk

Huge organic felt tub in charcoal and off-white mix
£60.00 Snowdrops And Daisies

Doily Beret - Grey
£18.00 Blue Fish Handmade

Grey Skinny Striped Scarf
£20.00 WildCat Designs

Grey flower recycled fabric resin necklace
£15.00 PennyDog Jewellery

6 Leaf-shaped Tags - Grey Envelopes
£2.10 kerli: little animals, handicrafts and recycling

Grey heart brooch
£3.60 Magic Alice

Grey Striped Cat
£10.00 Monstermagic


  1. Thanks so much for featuring me, what a lovely selection :)

  2. Really lovely- thanks from me too!

  3. thanks so much for including me as well! I love your choices!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring me. I have had a look at your work as well and it is gorgeous.

  5. Wow. And for a moment I thought - what grey things do I have? :D The whole treasury is great.